A FULL SERVICE LEASE with Carco International, Inc. Idealease can help to improve cash flow and increase productivity for companies that operate motor vehicles. Our customers choose to full service lease their vehicles for a variety of reasons. The most obvious benefit of full service leasing is the ability for our customers to focus on their core competencies while Idealease manages all maintenance issues. At the end of the term, full service lease customers merely return the vehicle to Idealease, with no disposal concerns.

Lease vehicle specifications are carefully designed to meet the demands of the application, driving efficiency up and costs down.

  • All scheduled maintenance is included in a full service lease.This takes our customers out of the maintenance business, and allows Idealease to be responsible for all preventive maintenance, oil and filter changes, lubrication, repairs, parts, labor and tires.
  • Leased equipment can carry your company logos and colors. Regular maintenance and vehicle washing adds to the professional image your vehicles convey to your customers and others.
  • Substitute vehicles can be provided when your regular trucks need to be out of service for a day or more. This valuable service can be included in your lease agreement.
  • Predictable costs are another advantage of a full service lease. Your monthly lease payment is a fixed expense, and in many states, the sales tax can be included in the lease payment. Establishing a vehicle lease can require as little as $800 to $2000 versus the thousands of dollars required in a down payment to purchase a vehicle.
[Depending on your company's financial position, leasing can also offer tax advantages. Your tax advisor can help you to examine the tax advantages of leasing.]

Call Carco International, Inc. today and ask how Idealease can provide you with more insight into the advantages of leasing for your company. We will be happy to develop a customized program to suit your business requirements!

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